Volume 7

Civil War Music

Volume 7, copyright 1999, 50 minutes

One thing every army generates is complaints. This collection has a generous helping of melodious malcontents. From sailors whining about exhausted stogies, last women, and liquor restrictions, soldiers grousing about the "Brass" and annoying buglers, hometront complaints about the conduct of the war and their neighbors lack of patriotic pride, to Lincoln's favorite lament about life's brief span, its all here in three part harmony.

Brass Mounted Army
Grafted Into the Army
Paddy's Lamentation
I Goes to Fight Mit Sigel
My Last Cigar Babylon is Fallen
Barney Buntline
What's the Mauer?
Auld Lang Syne
Yankee Doodle
Who Will Care for Mother Now?
New York Girls
Honest Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade
Farewell to Grog
Drunken Sailor
Twenty Years Ago
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